Daniel Kurka

software architect


Welcome to the web site of Daniel Kurka. This page has two purposes: Sharing information about my professional life such as articles, presentations, etc.
This website is also a place where I would like to share content I enjoy with the rest of the world. Feel free to take a look around, read my blog or follow me on twitter.



GWT Steering Committee

I am part of the GWT Steering Committee, that drives the future development of the open source project GWT.



mgwt & phonegap

gwt phonegap is an open source project, that I started back in 2009. It enables GWT applications to work together with phonegap and create great mobile apps. Because GWT is currently lags some features (widgets, touch support and animations) to develop mobile web apps I also started m-gwt. mgwt brings great looking widgets and very performant animations to gwt applications.